“Sweet Life” (Single)


“Sweet Life” EP 6 Songs (Sampler)

Tate Sevens

Released: April 23, 2013





3 Responses to “Music”

  1. JoAnne Merchant

    WTG TATENATION……thank you for voting, lets go for the win again tonight!

    ‪#‎CONGRATS‬ Tate Stevens “Better At Night” on winning the Thunder 102 Startin’ to Rumble ‪#‎Facebook‬ Face Off last night!

  2. CountryMan

    Hi Tate! CountryMan here first congrats on the victory on XFACTOR the night of your audition i told my wife thats our winner. Your first single out Holler if your with me great great song fit your personality about a man lets just get out there & lets just have good old hole some clean fun, loved it. Your album just outstanding from Ordinary Angels if there is any person standing that did not have their heart tugged has no soul. The rest of the album equally quintessential Tate Stevens. Better at Night to me just did not sound like the Tate Stevens i heard on every song you did on XFACTOR & that is the voice & songs that America fell in love with. What do i know perhaps your team wants you to move more in the direction musically of Better at Night because their market study has shown thats were the sales are. My wife & i are big fans huge fans. I dare anyone to name me to name me another singer out there not only the vocal ability but the sincerity & warmth to be kind to his fans. On behalf of my wife & myself 7 your family a big thank you for happiness you have brought us. One last thing have you ever thought of posting a weekly video to your site?

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