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Opry Debut – Power Of A Love Song

Opry Debut

What better way to kick off Music Mondays than with a one of the songs that got me started. This one is called, “Power Of A Love Song”, and is from my Opry debut last year. Personally, I give this one 3 thumbs up, but let me know what you think in the comments!

One Response to “Opry Debut – Power Of A Love Song”

  1. There is a story behind this video……..
    After Tate Stevens made his Grande Ole Opry debut, US FANS wanted to see it because we was not there, but we heard it on the internet radio so I started searching on youtube for any video, well their was done. So i kept on searching on the grand ole opry youtube channel for Tate’s opry debut and they didn’t post it on there. I then decided to email the Grande Ole Opry and asked them if they would release the video on youtube and they said they would after bugging them for 2 weeks. So they emailed me and said they downloaded Tate Stevens Grande Ole Opry debut video on there youtube channel… I posted that video everywhere…fans were happy to see it..

    @TeamTate We audio recorded all of your Grand Ole Opry appearances from the Grande Ole Opry internet radio… I then downloaded and put them on my Tate Stevens youtube channel. If you want them, let me know…


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